Monday, 16 July 2012

Meet Mildred

Song choice: "Its turned out nice again" by George Formby

Tea Brewed: Rosehip and Raspberry Tea (not so sure mmmm)

Hi Tea Fans,

I thought it would be nice to introduce you to my best friend of all, Mildred. She is a vintage  Picador Tricycle. I found her needing a new home on good old ebay and fell in love with her.
Mildred got her name from the previous owner and when i picked her up i just couldn't give her a new name, so Mildred it was.

I first saw a tricycle when on my way into windsor a few years ago. A lady had one with her two children sitting perfectly on the back in their lovely private school uniforms. They were biking over the Eton bridge and I shouted out "I have to get one"
I love biking and me and daddy Vin would often take biking holidays to new forest. Then when we got Jenny our spaniel and not long after little Vincent was born, the baggage was to immense to carry on a normal push bike.

We did get a chair for Little Vin for the back of my mountain bike but i was so wobberly with him on the back and he never sat still in it. He would often throw is weight around and i was so scared i would fall off the bike so we gave up on that idea until that day that lady biked past me!

Thank you who ever you are as now i have Mildred. 3 wheels means i wont wobble or fall off!

 These pashley tricycles are so versatile. You can get two seats for the back of them and there is a space for a small trunk underneath the children to carry shopping or your picnic.
The original baskets at the front is big enough to hold Jenny Dog when we have to travel along a road to get to parks or fields so everyone is safe and happy!

I use Mildred nearly everyday, to pop to the shops, ride up to windsor for a quick picnic by the river and jenny gets to come too and either eat my sandwiches or roll is fox poo which ever is first!
People always stop to ask where i got the bike and what make is it and Im more than happy to pass on the information as i think any mother who loves biking should have one.

Here's some pics of last week popping to feed the ducks in Datchet.

Did you spot Jenny dog in the basket above? she is almost invisible in that picture! 

So if your ever in Datchet, keep your eyes out for us on Mildred popping to windsor for a shopping trip.

Until next time.

Everything stops for tea

Tea Vintage

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