Friday, 6 July 2012

Let women be women and men be men

Hi vintage fans,

Things have gone crazy with the Tea Vintage launch and have lots of exciting bookings this summer. We are hosting our Tea Room at Chris Evan's Car Fest on august bank holiday weekend and also the week after that Jamie Olivers the Big Feastival. Amoungst that we have some lovely weddings to do so its going to be an exciting summer.

Now the big thing on my tea ringed things to do list is my blog. i have so many things to chat about and show to you, i really want to get going so as from now i here by devote sunday evenings and thursday evenings to my blog and to you.  Even though its Friday evening, im going to start now as ive just brewed a pot and have doris day on spotify.

Song choice to listen to: They cant take that away from me by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong.
Tea Brewed:  English Breakfast

Ok so i have always been brought up to be lady like (as my gran would say) She was always pulling me and my two younger sisters up on this, especially when hanging from a tree or burping after drinking too fast.

 "stand up straight, Stick your boosums out and bottom in urggh together!" she would say.

For years this was embedded into our minds and although it was so irritating to us when 8 years old, its always stuck.
Women in my generation are being brought up to be strong, independent and ambitious. This is brilliant as we are given so many opportunities now that our grandmothers wouldn't have had. The only thing i would say is we should try and remember to get a happy medium with this. Being Strong and independent shouldn't mean we loose the art of being female and lady like.

Ladies, you can have a career, be a working mother, drive trucks, become builders and plumbers, but every now and then, pop a bit of lipstick on, get your man to open the door for you, put on a pinny and stick your boosums out when walking! i promise you its brings you home to your natural instincts and also gives the men a chance to be men now and then.

So feel like this..........

But with a bit of this sometimes............

Until next time...
Everything stops for tea

Tea Vintage

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