Thursday, 12 July 2012

Everything stops for TEA

Song choice: Everything stops for tea by Jack Buchanan

Tea Brewed: Decafe English Breakfast (too late in the evening for caffeine)

Busy, busy, busy,  thats what most people will say when asked how they are these days including me!
Its so easy to get caught up in the bustle of everyday things and forget to take a step aside for a second to breathe or think.
Im the worst for this. Running two businesses and also a family home consisting of my gorgeous little 2 year old son, my partner Vincent and a crazy spaniel dog called Jenny, there isn't a moment to spare.
There is always someone wanted or needing something and i take pride in making my home as cosy as i can so you will often find me hoovering with the phone in one hand, little vin hanging on one leg and the dinner bubbling away (or should i say burning away) all at the same time.
This way of life keeps me on my toes but it was when i started to slurp my tea whilst doing two other things at the same time, that made me think.
I used to make my tea the reason for me to stop... just stop and sit, even if it was for 5 minutes to gather my thoughts together again.

When did a cup of tea become something else to do rather than a reason to sit and do nothing?

 I say this not to myself but to everyone on the go. And not just tea but coffee and lunch. Everywhere you go you can get things to go, coffee express, sandwiches to eat whilst perched on your lap on the tube!

I started to rethink a bit and made myself a strict promise to boil the kettle and take 5 mins out. Even if it meant turning my phone on silent, giving little vin a hugh chocolate biscuit, shoving the dog outside, this meant i got to enjoy my favorite tea... hot how it should be!

Years ago, afternoon tea would always be part of most people's daily routine, although people then seemed to have more time on their hands than we do today, they still had the right idea.

Here's a few attempts of afternoon tea with friends one afternoon when we had some time.xx

So i put it to everyone out there, when the kettle goes on, take 5 mins to take a step back and not think. not think of anything apart from brewing a tea and drinking it.

It may take years off us!

Until next time,

Everything stops for tea
Tea Vintage

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  1. What a great post! I actually started to think when for the last time I just sit and take 5min to take a step back and relax and you know what? I don't remember! What a crazy and busy world we are living in.....tomorrow I'm sooo going to have my 5min break with a cup of tea! Thanks Marie x