Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Ok everyone ... here i go

The kettle whistles....... i pour a pot of tea into my favorite but chipped china cup and place a home baked (so slightly disfigured) bakewell tart on my plate and........ i start blogging

Welcome to my Tea Vintage blog. 

My name is Marie and I run a fantastic mobile Vintage 1940's tea room serving tea and cake amongst a great nostalgic setting. I'm also completely in love with yesterday and as my gran said when i was 11 years old " that girl was born in the wrong era " as i danced around my bedroom in rollers listening to 1950's music.

I will be blogging about all the stories i get up to with Tea Vintage, thoughts and info on all things vintage and also how i fit this in around a my gorgeous little family, Partner Vincent, 2 year old little Vincent and a very crazy but so cuddly cocker spaniel called Jenny.

A bit about me and my tastes:

My favorite era has to be the 1940's. as a child i was fascinated by world war 2 and in particular how the women took over the men's roles and jobs while they fought in the war. Seeing women working the factories and also changing nappies and knitting at the same time. I think that really was the start of the working mum that we see today.
Films and TV drama's have also played a big part in my influence into the Vintage way of life. I'm the biggest fan of ' Darling Buds of May'  and was glued to it on Sunday nights when it was aired on the TV. I would make sure my homework was finished and i was in my pjammas ready for some great telly!  I still today watch episode now and then to get ideas from their sets designs, props and hair and fashion. My 2 year old Vincent also likes watching it, although think its for the tractors and animals rather than what dress Mariett is wearing.

Anyway, i must talk a bit about Tea Vintage which I'm in the middle of launching as I speak.  I'm holding a photo shoot next week and have pulled together a great team of photographers, make up artists and some vintage loving friends to help create some gorgeous photos to show you all and to put on the website.
But until then I have some pics of a local event I was at before Christmas to give you an idea on what Tea Vintage is all about

Keep posted for my next blog and also some amazing new pictures of Tea Vintage with the launch of the website. Until then, smile every day, always think positively and remember everything stops for tea!!!!

Marie x
Tea Vintage


  1. Yay for you, cant wait to see the website and join your for some tea pouring fun soon! :-)

  2. Hi, I just love your site. I am a Scott of 68years old writing from South Africa. I arrived here when I was 27yrs and I am a great tea lover, I hate and do not drink coffee. If I was younger I would love to open a strictly tea room & garden, something that I have often thought of. I stay in a rural country village called Henley on Klip as it sits on the Klip river 75kilometers south of Johannesburg. It used to be a British Military camp during the Boer war, and was named after Henley on Thames. I was just browsing for vintage fabrics and anything vintage and was led to your site from a link, please keep up with your idea's they are great all the best and good luck. Warm regards Norma.